Mark Lamoncha

Mark Lamoncha is president and CEO of Humtown Products in Columbiana, a family-owned manufacturing company that has served the foundry industry for more than 50 years. Humtown Products recently became a pioneer in additive manufacturing (3D printing) by offering 3D sand printing, high accuracy scanning and inspection through its sister company, Agile Casting Solutions.

Lamoncha recently helped form a partnership between Humtown Products, Youngstown State University, the Youngstown Business Incubator and American Makes, a leader in 3D printing technology and innovation, to explore the viability of 3D printing technology for making removable inner cores for metal castings. Lamoncha also is working with Youngstown State University on research to move 3D printing, until now used only for small-scale manufacturing, to commercial-scale production.

He is interested in human energy, believing the world has only begun to tap the energy and capacity of today’s workforce. He has studied the pioneers of “pay for performance” systems to find the best ways to motivate people and reward them for outstanding performance. His work led to the now-patented Real Time Pay Rate (RTP) System, a combination of software and technology that gives workers real-time data showing how their efforts contribute to their paychecks.

Lamoncha serves on the State Board of Education and on the Business Advisory Council of the Columbiana County Educational Service Center.