Sam Covelli

Sam Covelli is the President and CEO of Covelli Enterprises, the 4th largest restaurant franchisee in the country as of 2014. Covelli Enterprises employs more than 35,000 people at Panera Bread, Dairy Queen, and O’Charley restaurants across the US and Canada. Sam is one of two children born to Albert and Joe Covelli. His sister, Annette Ford, lives in Florida where she and her husband, Gavin, are active in Covelli company operations there. Sam Covelli says he had an idyllic childhood in Warren, Ohio. He attended John F. Kennedy High School and then as soon as the school day ended, he went to work at the Covelli family’s first McDonalds Restaurant on West Market Street. After graduating from the University of Miami in Miami, FL, Sam Covelli returned to the region to join his late father, Albert in business. Sam and his wife, Caryn, have three children, Candace, Albert and Danielle, all who currently work within the company in various markets. Sam’s routine varies by the day, but his ideal day involves getting to visit at least one store and talk to employees and customers.