Governor DeWine Makes Major H2Ohio Announcement at Impact Ohio Toledo Regional Conference

Governor DeWine had lots to say about water quality at the 2019 Impact Ohio Toledo Regional Conference. This event marked Impact Ohio’s second year in Toledo, and thanks to collaboration with local government and business, it was one of Impact Ohio’s most successful events yet. With 230 people in attendance, and media coverage from across the state, the conference covered a variety of issues facing the Toledo area as well as the State of Ohio.

Governor DeWine gave the keynote address, discussing a variety of topics, but really focusing on Lake Erie’s water quality crisis. Between failing septic tanks, algae blooms, nutrient pollution, and lead contamination, DeWine said the state is facing a long and challenging battle against water contamination. DeWine’s H2Ohio Fund, which was announced during his state of the state address, was created to invest in long-term solutions to ensure clean water across Ohio.

DeWine announced at the Impact Ohio Toledo Regional Conference that the H2Ohio fund aims at investing $900 million over a 10-year time span. This fund will be used specifically for water quality initiatives across Ohio. Three major efforts outlined during DeWine’s address include, prevention and land-based management programs, water-based restoration programs, and science research and measurement of data. These initiatives will require the use of advanced technology and additional staffing.

DeWine went on to discuss the need to address failing infrastructure across Ohio as well as to invest in early childhood experiences.

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