Governor DeWine Uses Veto Pen on 25 Items in FY 2020-2021 Budget Bill

17 days after the official fiscal deadline, Ohio’s biennium budget for FY 2020-2021 made it to Gov. DeWine’s desk late Wednesday night.

“I am proud that this budget will significantly impact the lives of Ohioans through its unprecedented investments,” Gov. DeWine said in a statement. “It lays the groundwork for a better Ohio for generations to come. This budget will lead to healthier children, stronger families, safer communities, an enhanced workforce, and a more prosperous Ohio, while also providing significant tax relief for every Ohio taxpayer and regulatory relief for Ohio businesses.”

Gov. DeWine had 25 vetoes before signing off on the bill Thursday morning:

• Item #1—Medicaid Rates in Statute
• Item #2—Pharmacy Benefit Manager
• Item #3—Health Care Price Transparency
• Item #4—Managed Care Procurement
• Item #5—Medicaid Managed Care—Shared Savings, Quality Incentive Programs and Other
• Item #5—Automatic Designation of Authorized Representatives
• Item #7—MyCare Ohio
• Item #8—Medicaid Rates for Nursing Facility Services
• Item #9—Medicaid Managed Care Organization Financial Health
• Item #10—Rural Healthcare Workforce Training and Retention Program
• Item #11—Adjustments in Medicaid Managed Care Capitation Rates
• Item #12—Medicaid Auditing for FY 2020-FY 2023
• Item #13—Medication-Assisted Treatment Drug Reimbursement Program
• Item #14—Mesh Crib Liners
• Item #15—Newborn Safety Incubators
• Item #16—Per Pupil Funding Guarantee for Certain School Districts
• Item #17—Properly Certified or Licensed Teachers
• Item #18—Accredited Nonpublic Schools
• Item #19—Lists of Community School Closures and “Challenged” School Districts Where Community Schools May Be Located
• Item #20—State Administration of Municipal Income Taxes
• Item #21—Legal Age for Person to Receive or Purchase Cigarettes
• Item #22—Sales Tax on Transportation Network Companies
• Item #23—Exemption of Residential Development Property (Effective Date 91st Day)
• Item #24—School District Property Tax Reduction for Certain Property
• Item #25—Property Tax Notices and Ballot Language

You can read the full veto messages for each item here.

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