Governor DeWine’s 17 Proposals for Reforms to Address Gun Violence

Two days following the mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District on August 4, 2019, which left nine people dead, Governor Mike DeWine proposed the following reforms to address gun violence.

  • Pass legislation to allow courts to issue Safety Protection Orders which would prevent the purchase of or remove firearms from people who show they would be a danger to themselves or others.
  • Free up beds in inpatient state psychiatric hospitals by allowing outpatient care for those who are in a court ordered competency restoration process.
  • Spend:
    • $675 million in funding for schools to create early intervention programs to support students with local social service and mental health providers.
    • $15 million for The Department of Medicaid to provide mental health services using telemedicine to students.
    • $9 million for non-profits and religious organizations to secure their facilities.
  • Expand the Hub at the Ohio Department of Public Safety and its ability to monitor threats on social media.
  • Implement the “Know the Signs” safety program in schools across the state so that staff can identify threats of violence and intervene before it happens.
  • Pass legislation to increase penalties for:
    • felons who illegally possess firearms.
    • violent felons who illegally possess firearms.
    • committing a felony while in possession of a firearm.
    • brandishing a gun while committing a felony to a mandatory three- to five-year sentence.
    • furnishing firearms to another person who cannot legally possess them to a second-degree felony.
    • illegally obtained firearms.
    • improperly providing firearms to minors.
  • Begin community-based information campaigns to increase awareness of mental illness warning signs in children and connect families to support options.
  • Pass legislation requiring background checks for all firearm sales, except when gifting between family members.
  • Expand the school safety tip line where individuals report potential school violence.

These reforms not only address gun violence and increase punishments, but also increase access to mental health and its identification and treatment. The Governor’s proposals also show a dedication to improving access to support systems for students in the state.

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