Impact Ohio’s Growing

If you’ve been to Impact Ohio Post Election Conference, you’ve probably attended more than just one time.

Over the years, we’ve learned more about the true value the conference brings to those who attend and why they keep coming back. Everyone looks forward to it. Everyone builds relationships there. Everyone learns from it. And, it’s enjoyed!

Year after year, we get awesome feed back from Impact Ohio Post Election Conference attendees, and we have to say we agree that it’s great.

We have this one tremendous conference every two years where so much is learned and shared. Yet, it’s only once, every two years.

In 2017, we will be changing that. We want the value of Impact Ohio to continue each and every year. So, in 2017 we’ll be spreading Impact Ohio regionally.

Planning is underway for conferences in Akron, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

Impact Ohio’s Regional Conferences will be local forums dedicated to issues important to each city. At each regional Impact Ohio Conference, attendees will hear first-hand from government officials, political analysts, pundits, and policy experts on issues important to their specific communities.

We hope you’ll find our 2017 Regional Conferences just as valuable as our Post Election Conference.

Have questions about our Regional Conferences? Let us know.

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